Schmetz Microtex Needles


Precision and inspiration for the perfect seam.

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The special point enables accurate stitches in extremely fine or densely woven materials.

The needle is suitable for particularly straight stitches when top-stitching on edges.

The needle is also suitable for top-stitching collars or button stays.

Suitable fabrics: Silk and microfiber fabric, lining taffeta & lamé. Coated materials like foil, oilcoth and synthetic leather.

Special features: NM 60 & NM 70 with reinforced blade.

Point shape: Acute round point. This is a slim, acute point shape, useful for accurate piercing of densely woven and coated materials. It creates an exact seam appearance with straight stitches and helps to reduce seam puckering.

Coating: Nickel.

Colour marking: Purple.

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