Schmetz Metallic Needles


Precision and inspiration for the perfect seam.

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This needle was specially developed for using metal effect yarns. With 2 mm, it has an extremely long needle eye in relation to the needle size which remains the same length in all needle sizes. The longer needle eye allows the metallic thread to glide extremely gently through the needle: This helps to optimally prevent thread breakages.

Sew foil-like metallic threads. Metallic embroidery or effect yarns should always be processed slowly so that the thread does not break.

Special features: Particularly long needle eye: 2.0 mm in all needle sizes.

Point shape: Slightly rounded point. The slightly rounded point is the standard point shape for household sewing machines. This point shape is qualified for trouble-free sewing of most materials and many applications.

Coating: Nickel.

Colour marking: Dusky pink.

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