Schmetz Universal Needles


Precision and inspiration for the perfect seam.

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HAx1 is another name for the universal needle.

Suitable fabrics: Universal for a wide range of fabrics:

Brocade, fleece, leather (thin), velvet, seersucker, batiste, chiffon, organdy, organza, taffeta, chambray, terry, linen, crepe, poplin, voile, chenille, cord, felt, jacquard, calico, velour, wool/wool-mix fabric, tulle, viscose, panne velvet, half-linen, lavable, nylon, loden.

Point shape: Slightly rounded point. The slightly rounded point is the standard point shape for household sewing machines. This point shape is qualified for trouble-free sewing of most materials and many applications.

Coating: Nickel.

Colour marking: Needle size only.

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